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Plants That Make The Perfect Birthday Gifts

Donating a present that will last a lifetime is seldom easy and giving plants as a birthday gift is one approach. The newest craze is plants, and with good reason. In addition to helping to purify the air in your area, plants also contribute to creating a calm environment, whether it be at work or at home. Any type of house design may be given vitality by adding plants. If you're seeking for the greatest plant to give as a present to a special someone.

Send Plants To Your Loved Ones With UnrealGift

Plants have emerged as a fresh light of hope in this era of rising pollution and stressed situations since they may easily assist in creating a peaceful and calming environment. As one of the greatest online plant nurseries in India, UnrealGift has accepted the duty to be your message of health in order to provide your loved ones a clean and fresh atmosphere. We provide a large selection of plant pots, gifts, and combinations for various occasions as one of the top online florists.

Plants make genuinely refreshing gifts, whether you're searching for the best plant gift for Mother's Day gifts, original birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, or gifts for any other event. You may also purchase new year's plants as the new year draws near to present to your loved ones as they ring in 2022. Use online plant delivery to surprise your loved ones on important occasions.

Jade plant

A huge succulent called the jade plant is the ideal plant for birthday gifts for people who have mastered caring for smaller succulents and cacti. The jade plant just needs occasional watering and a window with good light.

Christmas cactus

With its stunning winter blossoms, the Christmas cactus is a succulent that makes an excellent gift plant. Although its stunning floral show would lead you to believe otherwise, this plant is anything but finicky.


Commercial orchid may be grown successfully and easily with modest care and acts as a fine indoor birthday plant. The environment needs to be just right since orchids enjoy humid, moderate temperatures and partial, indirect light.

Paperwhite plant

Paperwhite flowers are a wonderful gift plant for anybody you know who doesn't like having houseplants around for an extended period of time.

Corn plant

Anyone with a shaded home or apartment that couldn't support other, sun-loving species might benefit from receiving a Corn plant as a gift plant for birthday. It is a resilient kind of fern that has evolved to survive on the wet, chilly forest floors.
Snake plant

The snake plant is an eye-catching houseplant that is a great present idea for inexperienced gardeners who you may not trust to care for a plant properly. It is a resilient plant that thrives in almost any environment.

Resurrection plant

The resurrection plant's exceptional capacity to come back to life right before your eyes makes it a special gift. This resident of the Mexican desert has learned to curl into a ball and remain in this dead state for years, if required, in order to survive in periods of intense drought.

Chinese money plant

For seasoned plant parents seeking a new challenge, the Chinese money plant is a blooming variety that makes a great gift.It loves to dry out a little bit in between waterings and get a reasonable quantity of indirect light.You can buy this birthday plant online.

Maize plant

Another great present option for someone who lives in an apartment or home with plenty of shade is a maize plant. They are tolerant to irregular watering schedules and changing lighting conditions.

Island pine

The Norfolk Island pine makes a wonderful present as a little, environmentally friendly Christmas tree. They may be purchased in a pot, unlike the majority of cut Christmas trees, and survive as houseplants for many years.

Best Plants For Sale At UnrealGift

Everyone recognises the value of plants, especially in these ecologically tough times, plants not only serve as an aesthetic element in your home but also offer a number of health advantages. There is no denying the advantages of plants in life! Earlier, it was challenging to browse a nearby nursery's selection of interior or outdoor plants for sale. You no longer need to visit a nearby nursery since UnrealGift is your online plant nursery.

Your favourite plants may be ordered online with only one click. You are aware that the AQI is rising, thus UnrealGift is providing a large selection of plants for sale with a tonne of possibilities and a tonne of fresh kinds each week from which you may select. Additionally, plants might be a wonderful present choice. And placing an order for these lovely gifts couldn't be simpler thanks to us. Select from a large selection of terrarium plants, including ferns, adeniums, orchids, and even cactus. With us, you may buy these plants for your loved ones online in India.

Get Wide Variety Of Plants Across India With UnrealGift

Be it the carefree jade or intense island pine, you can find plants online and send them as birthday gifts to your loved one with UnrealGift. Find a wide variety of plants that too at less price and free delivery across India at the best online gift shop-UnrealGift.