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Customised Birthday Gifts

Be it the personalized gift for husband’s birthday, personalized gift for wife’s birthday or personalized gift for boyfriend’s birthday, you can find all of it and send them as birthday gifts to your loved one with Unreal Gifts. Find a wide variety of gifts that too at less price and free delivery across India at the best online gift shop-Unreal Gifts.

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Get Adorable Personalized Birthday Gifts At Unreal Gifts  

This list is your savior if you're having trouble coming up with a special gift for your partner. Unreal Gifts provide a selection of unique customized birthday gifts for your girlfriend that will fill her with pride and affection. You'll be able to select at least one gift to wrap for her without worrying about going over budget, from sentimental mementos to personalized jewelry. Additionally, certain birthday personalized gifts have a tendency to make the finest impact on women. Continue reading to get inspiration!

Personalized canvas print 

Want to leave your girl with a memorable impression? Give her a personalized canvas print of a special occasion you two had, and she will remember it forever. This canvas will undoubtedly add the coziest touch to her house, we are confident.

Picture mood board

Make a simple picture board to bring your girlfriend's greatest memories to life. A wooden bar with your names on it and pictures of the two of you should be included. She'll appreciate this board as one of the greatest picture gift ideas for girlfriend for many years to come.

Birthday photo mug

Nothing surpasses a customized birthday photo mug for showcasing your most prized memories. The best approach to display this item of memorabilia at your girlfriend's house is on a wrought iron easel.

Photo frame 

A photo frame honoring a special occasion is a wonderful option for a romantic, one-of-a-kind present for a girlfriend. Display pressed leaves, stems, or flower petals with a picture of you and your loved one and it would turn out to be the best customized gift for your girlfriend’s birthday. You'll get bonus points if you use the leaves and petals of her favourite flower or a specific area.

Picture book

Looking for a customized gift for her birthday? Send her a surprise picture book on special occasions like her birthday or Valentine's Day. The previous memories from the start of your relationship to the present may be revisited with these customized presents for girlfriends. In the future, your children and friends will be able to see these albums and realize how much you value each other.

Customized picture calendar

When you offer your girlfriend a custom printed and customized picture calendar, she will reflect on the good times and be inspired to make new ones. Whether you choose a wall calendar or an easel calendar, this thoughtful gift will keep on giving every month. Making a romantic homemade gift for your lady may be simple and quick.

Personalized photo keychains

Your companion seems to be always moving. With these personalized photo keychains, you may continue to be on her mind even while she is out and about. Choose photographs of you and her together that will provoke a strong emotional response. They will develop into touching photo presents for a girlfriend that will make her feel unique.

Birthday mug 

Your lucky woman will be over the moon to get a customized birthday mug. Make it a beautiful keepsake for the two of you by personalizing it with a favorite photo, a meaningful remark, or a straightforward monogram.

Personalized bangles 

The sterling silver bangle has the phrase "You're my person" imprinted on it. To make it really unique, you can add a charm with your initials or a semi-precious stone. Your girl is certain that you have no interest in anybody else but her.

Customized necklace

It's critical to communicate your sentiments for the person you cherish and adore. You may indicate how much your girl means to you by wearing the necklace that has her initials engraved on the pendant.Looking for beautiful customized gifts for your girlfriend? If your words don't come across as sincere as when you say them aloud, a sterling silver pendant with a voice recording of your message is a terrific way to tell your girlfriend how you feel. She won't even consider taking off this unusual necklace while wearing it all day.

Personalized bangles

These exquisite bangles are magnificent personalized presents for a girlfriend that she will be happy to own, regardless of the metal she selects (gold, rose gold, or silver). Include your name, the day you met, the words to her favorite song, and anything else you can think of to make it more personal. Any time she puts these on, she'll adore them.

A jade roller

The moment is now to give your girlfriend's obsession with beauty a jade roller. She may have to extend her nightly beauty routine, but after a few months of rolling, her skin will seem more vibrant. The ideal personalized present for a girlfriend to date would be a jade roller with her name or initials etched on it.


Little and delicate jewelry is difficult to keep track of, but jewelry containers are a stylish and useful solution. Even if you've previously or intend to give your girlfriend jewelry in the future, this is a considerate present that may be customized with her initials.

Custom mixtape 

The music lover in your life will like this custom mixtape doormat. She'll smile every time she sees it because of how funny it is. Include the title of the music that both you and she enjoy to make it more poignant. This doormat will undoubtedly be a focal point of her house.


You may celebrate your future with one another with these champagne flutes that are covered in diamonds. She will adore showing off the flutes to her friends and family since they are the ideal souvenirs because they are tastefully inscribed with your initials and the date of your anniversary.